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Textbooks>>互動中国語 (8CD-ROMs +8CDs+8Books) (Japanese edition)
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Name互動中国語 (8CD-ROMs +8CDs+8Books) (Japanese edition)
ISBN :780052972X
Customers inside Mainland China pay us with RMB, otherwise, with USD, please.

introduction of this product

互動中(8CD-ROMs +8CDs+8Books) (Japanese edition)

Interactive Chinese (8CD-ROMs +8CDs+8Books) (Japanese edition)

互动汉语——汉日(8CD-ROMs +8CDs+8Books

作者: 本书编写组


publishing house : SINOLINGUA BEIJING

版次: 20046月出版

number of editions: publish in June 2004


binding: paperbound

开本: 16

format: 16 format



Please note: 

Because this product includes not only books, but also some multimedia materials like CD-ROMs etc. in the package, so the value of it is high, but the weight of the product is not very heavy. So only regarding this product, for customers outside Beijing, we will use special postage when calculating the order. As described in this link, its postage is lower than our standard postage, but the shopping cart CANNOT show this cheap postage, please see the details in our confirmation email sent after your placing the order.







  文字、音声、写真、アニメ、 音楽を融合した学びやすい教材。

チメディアとプログラム設計士が共同で開発した、 作業量が多く、日訳文量、注釈が30万字に及ぶ16枚のCD-ROMおよび5冊の学習教材。

  ピンイン字母から中国語レベル試験まで、ピンインで話し言葉を学び、漢字とピンインとを結合し、中国語と日本語を対照した訳文があり、  分かり易いところから深く進んでいく語学システム。


  本ソフトは中国語教育機構で使用し、 中国語を学ぶ人にも適しており、 特に各界の人びと、ビジネスマンの独学に適している。  本ソフトは英語、日本語、韓国語版がすでに出版されており、さらにインドネシア語、フランス語、スペイン語、  ドイツ語、ロシア語などの各国版も出版。



The first series of multimedia software on learning Chinese in the world. The golden key of studying Chinese for foreigners.


Interactive Chinese—The First Chinese-learning Multimedia software in the World

    It is an integrated software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. It will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese. It is a wonderfully-designed, high quality software.

    More than 20 Chinese experts took part in the planning and the editing of this product. More than 100 multimedia experts and programmers worked together to develop this new product. This software is composed of a total number of 300,000 Chinese words and relevant English explanations. This product consists of 8 CD-ROMs, 8 CDs and 8 books.

    This software introduces a step-by-step learning method to you. It starts from the Chinese phonetic alphabet and ends at the HSK examination. It is designed to help you learn oral Chinese during the study of the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese character is accompanied by Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese word or sentence is explained in English.

    After you finish it, you will be able to speak fluently and write smoothly. You will be able to reach the intermediate level, which is mentioned in the HSK examination. And also, during the study of the Chinese Idioms and Proverbs, you will be able to have a good understanding about the traditional culture and the long history of China.

    This software can be used as a teaching material by education institutions, as well as people who are learning Chinese, especially suitable for businessmen who are studying Chinese by their own.

    This software has versions in English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German and Indonesia, considering the needs of the people from different countries.
















Taking use of the latest multimedia technology and combing words, sounds, picture animations and music, this software Interactive Chinese enables learners to see, he speak and write in the process of studying. It provides an ideal and all-round environment for the learners to study Chinese in a pleasant and completely new style.

Contents covered in this software include Chinese phonetic alphabet, vocabulary grammar, Chinese culture, and HSK test. To facilitate starters, the interface of this software is bilingual, with classical Chinese music as the background music. The texts, progressing from simple to difficult, are practical and systematic, covering the daily life of Chinese people, folk customs, shopping, sightseeing, paying visit to friends, etc. You could hear the Chinese talk, or join in personally. Using this software you will enjoy studying Chinese with its lively and free style.

In the phonetic part, clear animated demonstration is given to the pronunciations of the initials and finals. In the Chinese character part, character structures are explained detail, with a demonstration of stroke writing and order, the reading part includes Chinese idioms, proverbs, allusions, and ancient poems, which are closely related to Chinese cincture. Using them properly in actual communication will enhance one’s language proficiency. The HSK part introduces HSK test in detail and learners can test their own levels at a time by themselves.

More than 5000 words are included, each with a translation and pronunciation. Helping finished this course. Learners will be able to speak fluently and write smoothly, reaching the intermediate level of the HSK test. This software can be used by teaching institutes and students, and is especially suitable for businessmen working in China.










HSK test (optional)
China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as HSK or the Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized test at the state level designed and developed by the HSK Centre of Beijing Language and Culture University to measure the Chinese proficiency of foreigners.
There are 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. In many countries it is possible to take the exams. You are advised to search on the Internet for a location near your place, or ask at the Chinese embassy in your country.


This software can be used as a teaching material by education institutions, as well as people who are learning Chinese, especially by businessmen who are study-ing Chinese by their own.



原哈佛大学中文部主教授   何宝璋



This teaching material, with a comprehensive system, provides self-taught learners with an ideal environment combining visual, audio, speaking, writing and actual practice together. It introduces a new teaching method which will promote Chinese language teaching around the world.

Professor He Baozhang
Former dean of Chinese Department Harvard University




北京外国语大学美籍访问教授  乔德睿



This teaching material is easy and convenient to use. It's just like having a Chinese teacher by my side. My Chinese is progressing rapidly. I bought another set of INTERACTIVE CHINESE for a friend .on the packing and  promoting material of their products.

Visiting U.S. professor
Beijing Foreign Languages University



System requirements:
Windows 98 and/or above (excluding Windows Vista), in various language versions, min. Pentium 550, hard disk space: 800 Mb, 64 Mb system memory
CD Rom drive 8x
Speakers, all duplexing soundcard, microphone (for recording).




1CPUpentium III 550以上





6.操作系统:支持WINDOWS98以上(各种语言版本),不支持WINDOWS VISTA 



Subject part

Chinese Phonetics & Writing: 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

Textbook (I): 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

Textbook (II): 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

Textbook (III): 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

HSK Mock Test & Vocabulary: 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK


Reading part

Idioms & Proverbs: 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

Two-Part Allegorical Sayings & Allusions: 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK

Tang/Song Dynasty’s Poems: 1CD-ROM(+MP3)+1CD+1BOOK




拼音与书写 1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书

课文(上) 1张软件(, MP3),1CD,1本书

课文(中) 1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书

课文(下) 1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书

模拟试题集与词汇   1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书



成语与谚语       1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书

歇后语与典故     1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书

唐诗与宋词       1张软件(MP3),1CD,1本书



catalogue of this product


拼音与书写 Chinese Phonetics & Writing

Chinese Phonetics

. Introduction to Chinese Phonetics

       1. How to Learn the Chinese Phonetics

       2. Knowledge of Phonetics

       3. Vocal Organs

       4. The Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet

       5. Alphabet

       6. Contents of Phonetics

. The Initials

       1. The Classification of the Initials

       2. Pronunciation of the Initials

       3. A Comparison among j, q, x

       4. A Comparison among z, c, s

       5. A Comparison among zh, ch, sh, r

       6. A Comparison among z, c, s and zh, ch, sh

       7. Exercises on the Pronunciations of the Initials

. The Finals

       1. The Classification of the Finals

       2. Simple Finals

       3. Compound Finals

       4. Finals with Nasal Endings

       5. The Syllable with a Retroflex Ending

       6. Exercise on the Pronunciation of the Finals


       1. Basic Concepts of Tones

       2. The Tonal Value and the Tone Category

       3. Tones of Modern Standard Chinese

4. The Neutral Tone and Tone-sandhi

       5. Tone Exercises

.The Dividing Mark

.The Spelling Rules of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet


Writing Chinese Characters

.The Strokes

       Table of the Names of the Strokes of Chinese Characters

.The Stroke Order

.Basic Structural Parts of Chinese Characters

.Constructions of Chinese Characters

.Everyday Characters

       1. Single-element Character

       2. Up and Down Construction

       3. Up-middle-down Construction

       4. Left and Right Construction

       5. Left-middle-right Construction

       6. Semi-surrounded Construction

       7. All-surrounded Construction

       8. Shape Construction

.Chinese Character Appreciation

       1. Inscriptions on Bones and Tortoise Shells

       2. Inscriptions on Ancient Bronze Objects

       3. Seal Script

       4. Cursive Hand

       5. Cursive Hand

       6. Regular Script

       7. Running Hand



课文(上) Textbook ()

第一课  你是谁?  Who Are You?

第二课  这是谁的书?  Whose Book Is This?

第三课  你去哪儿?  Where Are You Going?

第四课  你们家有几口人?  How Many People Are There in Your Family?

第五课  咱们一起去吧  Let’s Go Together

第六课  我们的学校  Our School

第七课  你去过天安门吗?  Have You Been to Tian An Men?

第八课  宿舍  The Dormitory

第九课  明天考试  Having an Examination Tomorrow

第十课  咱们系有多少留学生?  How Many Overseas Students Are There in Our Department?

第十一课     骑自行车  Riding the Bicycle

第十二课     他已经毕业了吗?  Did He Graduate?

第十三课     早晨好!  Good Morning!

第十四课     景山公园  The Coal Hill Park

第十五课     起来晚了  Getting Up Late

第十六课     联欢会  A Party

第十七课     在食品店  At the Grocery Store

第十八课     忘记了  Forgot

第十九课     打电话  Making a Phone Call

第二十课     买礼物  Buying Gifts

答案  Answer



课文(中) Textbook ()

第一课  谈经历  Talking about Experience

第二课  看照片  Looking at the Photos

第三课  在邮局  At the Post Office

第四课  看比赛  Watching a Match

第五课  开晚会  Having an Evening Party

第六课  收拾屋子  To Clean the Room

第七课  在机场  At the Airport

第八课  谈天气  Talking about Weather

第九课  在医院  At the Hospital

第十课  在图书馆  At the Library

第十一课     去做客  Being the Guests

第十二课     地理课  Geographic Class

第十三课     早锻炼  Doing Morning Exercise

第十四课     我的家乡  My Hometown

第十五课     谈专业  Talking about the Majors

第十六课     期末总结  Summing up the Semester

第十七课     看京剧  Seeing Beijing Opera

第十八课     逛动物园  Going to the Zoo

第十九课     我国的山川  The Mountains and Rivers of Our Country

第二十课     取款  Drawing the Money

答案  Answer



课文(下) Textbook ()

第一课  去书店  Going to the Bookstore

第二课  高中课程  The Courses of the Senior Middle School

第三课  出国  Going Abroad

第四课  劳动模范  The Model Worker

第五课  过年  Celebrating the New Year

第六课  人民大会堂  The Great Hall of the People

第七课  对外贸易  Foreign Trade

第八课  劳动节  The Labor Day

第九课  买东西  Going Shopping

第十课  魔术  The Magic

第十一课     中国的特产  The Special Local Products of China

第十二课     学习书法  Learning the Calligraphy

第十三课     北京  Beijing

第十四课     少数民族  The National Minorities

第十五课     考试后  After the Examination

第十六课     老朋友  An Old Friend

第十七课     去划船  Going Boating

第十八课     交流经验  Exchanging the Experience

第十九课     采摘节  The Picking Festival

第二十课     谈医学  Talking about Medical Science

第二十一课 中国妇女  Chinese Women

第二十二课 结业式  The Ceremony of Completing a Course

答案  Answer



模拟试题集与词汇   HSK Mock Text & Vocabulary

一、听力理解  Listening Comprehension

    1.听力理解应试指导  Directions

    2.听力理解习题  Exercise

二、语法结构  Grammar Construction

    1.语法结构应试指导  Directions

    2.语法结构习题  Exercise

三、阅读理解  Reading Comprehension

    1.阅读理解应试指导  Directions

    2.阅读理解习题  Exercise

四、综合填空习题  Comprehensive Fill-in-the-blanks Test

    1.综合填空应试指导  Directions

    2.综合填空习题  Exercise

五、模拟试题  Model Tests

    模拟试题习题  Exercises

    答案  Answer


词汇  Vocabulary



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