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Help to Find


On our website, not only you could buy some study materials already uploaded to our site, but also there is a service of “Help to Find”: As long as relating to Chinese culture, you could list the product’s name, producing area, detailed description and other information, and then send e-mail to us. We will try our best to look for. If finding, we will quote a reasonable price to you. After you confirm to buy and your payment reaches to our account, we will mail the product to you within 4 working days.


At present, most of our books are especially related to materials on learning Chinese and Chinese culture for foreigners. But we can get the books’ database, and have been providing search service of finding books for our overseas customers all the time, i.e. any book, so far as it is published in mainland China, we can find it without problem.

Advice or Complaint


For any complaint, we will make a quick response within 1 working day and solve the problem as soon as possible. And we sincerely accept your advices, thank you in advance for your support and concern!


Contact email: elinasatter (at) hotmail (dot) com 

Return or Replacement Policy


1You should make the following preparation in advance before return or replacement:


(1) Contact us through e-mail: 1dayreply (at) gmail (dot) com, tell us the reason for return or replacement.


(2) Keep the accessories of the returned or replaced product completely, such as spare part, specification, manual, etc.


2In which condition could you return or replace a product?


If you find a product has quality problem, you could return or replace it within 15 days after receiving.


3We cannot accept return or replacement in the following conditions:


(1) For the customers living in Beijing, we will deliver products to the door. When you receive the products, please carefully examine and check them before our deliveryman’ eyes. If the products you received are lacking, dirty, damaged, defective, incorrect or are missing parts, please indicate then and there, our company will deliver the product again for you free of charge. Otherwise, when you sign for acceptance, we will not accept return and replace of the product afterwards; for the customers living in Beijing, if you find there is quality problem on the cassette, video tape, CD, VCD, DVD, CD-ROM bought from our company, please return or replace them within 15 days after the receiving date.


(2) Request for return or replacement exceeding the deadline. If you find a product has quality problem, you could return or replace it within 15 days after receiving.


(3) The accessories of the returned or replaced product are not complete.


(4) If the return or replacement is a result of your error, for example, you did not see clearly about the introduction of the product before ordering, you place a repeat order, and so on.


(5) You ask us to replace the product to other kind of product.


(6) The product is not provided by our company.


(7) Do not contact us in advance before return or replacement.


4. Explanation for return or replacement


(1) We only provide once return or replacement free of charge for the customers living in Beijing, to whom we deliver products to the door. Please contact us after check and examine all the products.


(2) We suggest that you play VCD in a VCD machine. There may be so-called “quality problem” caused by using computer to play VCD with bad effect. If you play VCD in computer and have unable read disk or track problem and so on, it is possible because playing software is conflicted with your system setting. Please change other playing software or use other machine to try again to make sure that it is a quality problem, and then contact us to return or replace products.


(3) Customers return or replace products using the way of ordinary mailing: please send the returned or replaced products to our company through ordinary mailing. After we receive and check the products, we will provide return or replacement service for you. For domestic customers, we will send the refund to you through the post office; for overseas customers, we will send the refund to you through PayPal or Western Union or MoneyGram.


Our company owns final explanation right to this return or replacement policy.

Privacy Protect


We strictly keep customers’ information secret, including customers’ name, telephone, address, email, etc.

Useful Links

China Group Tours

An unforgettable China tour with our experienced, passionate and knowledgeable tour guide. A trip with CHINA GROUP TOURS drops your right in the surface of your chosen destination and takes you to experience a most real and authentic China.


We provide you with the best price and the highest quality. We are in direct contact with our customers through the internet and you can save your money and get more than you expected.

Our team consists of dynamic individuals with rich experience in Chinese language instruction from universities such as Stanford University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Language and Culture University, all working together to create the best possible language learning experience.


eChineseLearning has some of the best Mandarin Chinese teachers. All of our Chinese teachers received systematic training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language," and get continuous and rigorous on-the-job training. They are experienced from working with individuals from over 100 countries and from 3 to 86 years old, as well as with schools and corporations.


Providing the best Chinese learning experience for our students is always the top priority and the focus of our organization. eChineseLearning's industry leading quality assurance system continuously improves teaching quality, service level, and students' learning experience at our school. Lively discussions are held daily to discuss students' progress and evaluate our teachers’ performance.


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