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Frequently Asked Questions

Why cannot I receive the Email from your site?
What’s the exchange rate between USD and RMB?
About the browsers
Testimonials from Our Customers
How to know the total price including shipping fee before actually placing an order?

Why cannot I receive the Email from your site?


We receive a lot of spams and have to cancel them every day, please use appropriate title as your email subject, so that your letter will not be deleted by us by mistake. And also please send us email without attachments.


Our business hour is 9:00-17:00 in Beijing time from Monday to Friday. Usually, we will send letters to every customer three times: 

1Send confirmation letter within 1 working day after our customer places an order on our site, or reply an email within 1 working day after people send enquiry emails to us.

2Send information letter within 1 working day after our customer’s payment reaches our account.

3Send information letter with the parcel number within 1 working day after we mail customer’s package.


Please note:

We ALWAYS send out our emails within 1 working day (except Saturday and Sunday and National Holidays) after you place the order on our site or we receive customers’ enquiries. If after 3 working days, you still have not received our email, please contact us initiatively, in order to avoid the possibility that your coming-in email or our out-going email may be lost during transferring. Recently, several of our customers cannot receive our emails, we are not sure about the reasons. So here we give out 2 different email addresses as follows:

1dayreply (at) gmail (dot) com

elinasatter (at) hotmail (dot) com

People could send letters to these 2 email boxes at the same time, which we frequently check every working day. And it’s better to tell us your 2 different email addresses, so that we could send our letters to them at the same time, in order to reduce the possibility of email loss.


In addition, it’s said by some of our customers that sometimes our letters are put into their junk mail folder without any reasons, so please remember to check your junk mail folder if you cannot receive our email. And also please pay attention to fill in an effective and reachable email address when registering on our site.


What’s the exchange rate between USD and RMB?


At present the foreign currency exchange rate is: 1 USD = RMB 6.28 yuan, we may change it according to the data issued by the Chinese bank in the future.

About the browsers


1. Visitors to our site using IE6.0, you can open a link in the same window.


2. Visitors using IE6.0, if you want to open a link in a new window, SHIFT+click can do.


3. Visitors using Firefox/IE7.0, CTRL+click can let you open a link in a new tabbed browsing in the same window. About tabbed browsing:


Testimonials from Our Customers


I still remember several years ago, when we received the USD 31.00 paid by Western Union, which is our first payment from outside of Beijing, I felt touching. Because online store is not like a physical shop, where people can pay on the spot. Online business collects the money at first, and then arranges for shipping. The USD 31.00 shows others trust you. And these years, we have never failed people’s confidence. Our products are good, our price is cheaper, and our service is excellent, which constitute a better competition compared with some other online bookstores.


Every time we receive our customers’ compliment emails, we think we fully deserve it through our good-value service and hard working, and it will encourage us to do better in the future. We truly and deeply appreciate all the nice words from our customers, thanks for visiting our site.


All the best to everyone,






Good day!


Recently, I have placed an order thru your website. The shipment was sent on may 28th and I already received it last friday, june the 8th. Very fast and order received as expected. Very impressive for an eastern Canada city.


Thanks to all of you.


Alain Roy

Quebec City







I want to let you know that I received my order yesterday.


I’m very satisfied with transaction. The package was done very well and arrived sooner than expected. It was quicker than the orders made in USA.


xiexie ni








Dear Ellen:


Yesterday I have received the package. It's all O.K.


I appreciate very much your kind efforts that allowed me get the books.


If you are planning to travel to Argentina, I would like to help you in any way.








Hello Ellen,


I received the books this morning. That’s what I call service! Fast delivery, professional handling and uncomplicated process! Congratulations! Keep on like this and don’t forget to let me know you have those advanced books for ‘New Standard Chinese’ on stock.


Thanks and have a nice day!






Hi Ellen,


Many thanks for your good service and your kindness answering my questions. The books sold on your website are very interesting. They can help me in studying Chinese language very much, because it is very difficult to find them in Indonesia.






Dear Ellen,


My package arrived on Friday and I'm very pleased with the atlas and map. I look forward to making more purchases in the future.


Kind regards,








I have just received the books. It was pretty quick I think, about 10 days since the shipment. Packing was very good too, thanks!


Best regards.


Antoine HAREL




Both my packages have arrived, earlier than I expected and in good order.


Thanks for good service. I will definitely order from you again.




Ole Rossvoll





Dear Ellen,


Hello, I just picked up my package from the Post Office. All the books and DVDs are OK.


Once again, I highly appreciate your very nice attention.

muchas gracias! = thank you so much!


warmest regards,





Dear Ellen,


I have received my order last week. Everything in a good condition.  I am

very lucky to find your website. Thank you very much.




How to know the total price including shipping fee before actually placing an order?


When designing our website, we listed the “Shipping Fee” in the Ding3 Bu4 Lan2 Mu4/ “Top Columns” on every webpage, in addition specially added a button of “Shipping Fee” in every product’s detailed information, in order to let our customers clearly know about it before purchasing. And also, after our customer places an order, she/he can click the button of “Change Shipping Method”, and put all the products in her/his order into the Shopping Cart again, and then choose another Shipping Method, and place another order to see the Shipping Fee appeared. And then tell us which order is the final order she/he wants to select, which orders she/he wants to cancel.


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